All payments are made through Remita. To make a payment, visit remita.net. Receipts will be sent by Remita to the Student’s e-mail where it can be retrieved anytime. Only Remita receipt is acceptable by the school. Heads of Departments and Lecturers are not to be involved in bursary payments or clearance. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD A STUDENT PAY INTO THE PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF ANY MEMBER OF STAFF. ANY PAYMENT INTO ANY PERSONAL ACCOUNT IS AT THE STUDENT’S RISK. Bursary Clearance is done before each examination. All students are expected to obtain Bursary Clearance Cards which must be presented at the examination hall along with the School ID card. All students are expected to pay 40% of their fees on resumption at school. Students must pay using three(3) names in this order: Surname, First Name & Middle Name. Any payment made using two names will not be accepted. No room for refund but payment made for one programme can be used for any other programme within the school especially when a student has a reason to change his/her department. Such must however, receive official approval. Acceptance Fee cannot be transferred or refunded and in case of change of course, no balance will be considered. However, all monies paid through remita (excluding acceptance and hostel fees) are allowed to be transferred across departments. Students are advised to make all payments themselves as the management will not be responsible for any fraudulent activity of any member of staff under the guise of assisting students to make payments. Students who need assistance on how to use remita can approach the Admin Office or Bursary. No departmental head or lecturer is allowed to get involved in payment of fees or bursary activities.

All students are advised to obtain the fees for their programmes at the Admin Office and not in their departments. A student is expected to pay his/her fee within the stipulated time. Any delayed payment will attract 20% interest per semester/session (depending on how the payment is structured) for whatever is the balance at the time of payment. If the fee has increased, the balance will be calculated using the new fee. For instance, if the tuition fee has increased from 50,000 to 70,000 and the student paid 30,000, the student will pay a balance of 40,000 and not 20,000. The interest will also be calculated on 40,000 per annum. It is therefore in the interest of the student to pay within the stipulated time frame.

On completion of their programmes, students will be expected to do final bursary clearance before certificates can be awarded. The final clearance will normally take 30 working days before completion and is based on first come, first served. The 30 days count from whenever the student answers all queries and ambiguities related to whatever he/she has submitted. Students are therefore advised to begin the process of final bursary clearance as soon as he/she concludes the final examination and avoid waiting until he/she has a job opportunity as no student will be considered for urgent clearance no matter the situation.

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