The Junior Community Health Extension Workers is a member of the Ward Health Team who works directly with the VVHWs/TBAs. He/She is employed by the formal Health System and is expected to spend 80% of his/her working time in the Community and 20% in the Clinic. He/She is supervised by the Community Health Worker (CHEW).

Job Title:   Junior Community Health Extension Worker (JCHEW)

Location of the Job:        LGA PHC Department/Community

Personal Qualification:   He/She must be;

  • Physically and Mentally fit
  • Knowledgeable and Skillful
  • Hardworking and dedicated to duties
  • Have a good interpersonal relationship
  • Honest, Approachable and reliable
  • Have initiative and be tolerant
  • Punctual to duty
  • Fluent in the local language
  • Responsible and mature
  • Willing to work in the community
  • Portray the ethnics and etiquette of Community Health Practice

Entry Qualification

  1. A candidate should possess five (5) passes in English, Mathematics, Biology or Health science, and any other two (2) subjects in WASSCE/GCE or NECO at not more than two sittings, and must be domicile in the local government Area.
  2. Existing workers (e.g. ward orderlies, ward ,maids, and health attendants) in the health facility with relevant qualification, as stated above, if found suitable for training by the training institution and with nomination and support of his/her governmental establishments are eligible.
  3. Personal Qualifications: willingness to reside in the rural community as a pre-requisite to understand the norms of a community and thereby be in a better position to identify feasible local health problems.

Duration of course

2 calendar years

Certificate Awarded

Certificate in community health

Summary of Functions

Carry out 80% of his/her primary health care functions in the community and 20% at the clinic. Serve as a link between the community and the health facility for communication of care.

Community Based Functions

  1. Explain to the community, the primary health care approach of the health system and the part he/she plays as a member of the health team to link the community with the health facility.
  2. Carry out mobilization for health action.
  3. Participation with other health workers and the community to carry out community diagnosis, and continuous health needs assessment of the community.
  4. Work with the supervisory officers and community members to plan solutions for identified health needs.
  5. Work with other member of the health team and community members to implement the plan.
  6. Develop a monthly plan with the approval of the supervising officers.
  7. Supervise volunteer village health workers (VVHWs,)/ Traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and together visit prenatal and postnatal mothers to initiate and continue care according orders.
  8. Visit homes to monitor pregnant women and children.
  9. Visit homes to identify “at risks” members of the community, treat or refer according to standing orders.
  10. Together with VVHWs/ TBAs, identify clinic defaulters in the community, and manage according to standing orders.
  11. Carry out health education on environmental sanitation and prevalent health problems such as malnutrition, Diarrhoea, Sexually transmitted infection (STIs) in the community.
  12. Screen for health problems in the community and take appropriate action according to standing orders.
  13. Treat specified conditions in the homes according to standing orders.
  14. Supervise volunteer village health workers/Tradition birth attendants.
  15. Identify learning needs of VVHWs/TBAs in community.
  16. Participate In training of VVHWs/TBAs in the community.
  17. Collect and collate health data for monitoring and evaluation of PHC activities I the community.

Generate simple, clear and precise information from community based data to serve as evidence for intervention.

Clinic Based Function

  1. Register new clients.
  2. Weigh clients and record weight accurately.
  3. Carry out health talks on different health related topic as scheduled.
  4. Estimate hemoglobin according to establish procedure.
  5. Measure blood pressure according to established procedure.
  6. Test urine for sugar and albumen.
  7. Prepare and administer immunization and Monteux test according to standard scheduled and prescription on client’s cards.
  8. Dress uncomplicated wounds according to prescription on client’s cards.
  9. Pack and dispense drugs according to established procedures
  10. Provide family planning counseling and services according to standing orders.
  11. Sterilize equipments according to established procedures.
  12. Carry out simple procedure to collect and label laboratory specimens respectively.
  13. Carry out clinic procedure (e.g.) taking temperature, Pulse, respiratory rate, beds making ,oral toileting, Foods demonstrating, etc
  14. Participate in collating data for monitoring and evaluation of PHC activity in clinic.
  15. Participate in training of other health worker in the clinic.
  16. Update the clinic master card after community based functions.
  17. Perform any other duties assigned to him/her by supervisin Officer.


The Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW) is a member of the health team for Primary Health Care (PHC). The Community Health Extension Worker will spend 50% of his time on Community based functions and 50% in the Clinic. He/She has the responsibility of supervising the Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEWs) the Community Health Extension Worker in-training, the Volunteer Village Health workers and Traditional Birth Attendants. He/She is to be supervised by the Community Health Officer (CHO).


Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW) /Diploma in Community Health


LGA PHC Department/Community


  1. i) Physically and mentally fit.
  2. ii) Able to communicate and work well with people in the community.

iii)           Able to guide, supervise and give good leadership to his subordinates.

  1. iv) Be willing to live and work in the community.
  2. v) Mature, approachable, friendly and honest.
  3. vi) Able to work independently when necessary and make good payment.


  1. i) For advancement of confirmed, academically qualified Junior Community Health Extension Worker who has been on the grade for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. ii) Four credit level passes at WASSCE/NECO/GCE O’ Level at not more than 2 sittings. These must include:
  3. Biology / Health Science
  4. One subject chosen from Chemistry, Food & Nutrition, Physics and Geography.
  5. Two subjects chosen from any of these: Economics, Accounts, Commerce, Agricultural Science and Social Sciences.
  6. Credit in English Language and Mathematics is compulsory.


3 Calendar years


Diploma in Community Health


1)            Explain to the Community the Primary Health Care approach of the Nigerian Health System and his role as a member of the health team to link the community with health care system.

2)            Carry out community mobilization for health action.

3)            Guide and support the Volunteer Village Health Workers (WHWs) /Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and Junior Community Health Extension Workers to initiate preliminary contact with the leaders.

4)            Familiarize self with target population and health services within the community.

5)            Follow-up and provide support for the initial contact made by the Volunteer Village Health Workers/Traditional Birth Attendants of Junior Community Health Extension Workers with the Community Leaders.

6)            Initiate the formation and facilitate the effective functioning of the Development Committees.

7)            Attend Community Development committees meeting in rotation at least 2 times in a year.

8)            Participate in, and supervise Primary Health Care house numbering and placement of home-based records.

9)            Update house numbering and placement of Home-Based Records during home visits, and through reports and records from Junior Community Health Extension Workers and Volunteer  Village Health Workers / Traditional Birth Attendants.

10)          Initiate and work with the community and other health workers to carry out community diagnosis and continuous health needs assessment of the Community. (Health needs include areas related to provision of good roads, good water supply, education, agriculture, Nutritional problems, HIV/AIDS, poverty eradication, etc).

11)          Initiate and work with the community and other health workers to carry out general community survey, social and cultural characteristics of the community.

12)          Work with other health workers and the community to identify major health problems of the community, including HIV/AIDS, Teenage Pregnancies, Juvenile delinquency, problems of the Elderly, gender inequality, etc.

13)          Teach the Junior Community Health Extension Workers simple methods of data collection and analysis.

14)          Participate in the analysis of data collected.

15)          Initiate and/or work with his supervising officer and community members to:

  1. Prioritize health problems.
  2. Plan solutions to identified health needs.
  3. Identify available resources to solve the health problems.
  4. Set coverage objectives (targets).
  5. Identify workable interventions.
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