Department of Health Technique has two programes
1) Health Assistant Programme
2) Health Technician Programme

Health Assistant

The Health Assistant is a member of the health team who is trained to work both in the preventive and curative health care setting with some phases of social work in the homes and community. He/She will be employed by Government, Private individual to assist in the rendering of health care services to those needing such cares.


To produce a level of manpower who will render assistance and support as auxiliary staff to qualified medical, nursing, and health care practitioners.


To render Health Care to those needing them in the hospitals, health centre, private clinics, homes, industries and community.

To assist in the maintenance of the aesthetic and cleanliness of the environment where they work.

To assist in mobilizing the community for health actions.

To assist in rendering health care services in various units e.g. Laboratory, X-ray, Physiotherapy, Clinics, Hospital Wards, Dental Unit, Eye Unit, Pharmacy Department etc.

Job Title:                                              Health Assistant

Location of Job:                                Government Hospitals, Private Clinics,

Private Individuals, Industries, Local

Government, Teaching Hospitals,

Health Centres etc.

Duration of Course:                        4 Semesters (Two Academic Sessions)

Certificate Awarded:                      Certificate for Health Assistant

Mode of Training:                            The programme is Full-Time



He/She must be skillful/knowledgeable

Have good interpersonal relationship

Hardworking and dedicated to duty

Honest, approachable and reliable

Have initiative, and observant

Punctual to duty

Responsible and mature

Portray the ethics and etiquette of Health Practice


  1. Senior Secondary School Certificate with 5 passes at not more than two sittings.
  2. Existing workers (e.g. Ward orderlies, ward maids, dispensary attendant) in health facilities with five years working experience in addition to Senior Secondary School Certificate.


At the end of the course, successful student  shall be given State/College Certificate for Health Assistants.


Perform duties assigned to him/her by supervising officer

Register New Patients/Simple Record Keeping/Simple Statistics.

Prepare admission bed/carry out admission procedure.

Maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic value of the patient’s environment.

Drug pre-packing and assist in pharmacy department.

Carry out observation e.g. TPR, BP, intake and Output charting e.t.c.

Weigh patient and record weight accurately.

Carry out health talk on different health related topics as necessary.

Estimate Haemoglobin according to established procedure/specimen collection to the Laboratory.

Test urine for sugar and albumen at home level.

Give First Aid care during emergency e.g. Arrest Haemorrhage, Recognize signs of shock and treat.

Attend to cases of fracture/Assisting during application of P.O.P

Provide family planning counseling.

Attending to patient general needs e.g. feeding helpless patient, offering urinals and bed pan, washing of hair, treatment of pressure area, bed bath e.t.c.

Assist in dressing uncomplicated wounds according to procedure.

Maintenance of Hospital equipments/sterilize equipment.

Assist in X-ray Department, Dental unit, Physiotherapy Unit, Laboratory e.t.c

Health Technician

The Health Technician is a serial cadre salaried member of the health team for Primary Health Care. He/She is employed by the formal Health System and is expected to spend 70% of his/her working time in the community and 30% in the clinic. He/She is supervised by Community Health Officer.

Job Title:                             Health Technician

Location of the Job:        LGA, PHC Department/Community

Personal Qualification:   He/She must be;

  1. Healthy
  2. Able to communicate and work well with people in the community.

iii.  Able to guide, supervised and give good leadership to volunteer Village Health Workers/Traditional Birth Attendance.

  1. Be willing to live and work in the community.
  2. Mature, Approachable, friendly and honest.
  3. Knowledgeable and Skillful.

vii.          Have initiative and tolerant.

viii.         Punctual to duty.

  1. Portray the ethnic and etiquette of Health Practice

Entry Qualification

  1. Academically qualified Health Assistant who has been on the grade for minimum of 2 years.
  2. A candidate who possess five (5) passes in English, Mathematics, Biology or Health Science, and any other two (2) subjects in WASCE or NECO at not more than two sittings:
  3. Nomination and Support by the LGA’s/other organization.

Duration of the Course:               2 academic sessions (4 semesters).

Certificate Awarded:                      Diploma for Health Technician.

Summary of Functions

Carry out 70% of his/her Primary Health Care functions in the Community and 30% at the clinic.

Community Based Functions

  1. Carry out Community Mobilization for Health action.
  2. Participate with other Health Workers and Community to carry out community diagnosis and continuous health needs assessment of the community.
  3. Supervise Volunteer Village Health Workers (VVHWs) / Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and together visit prenatal and postnatal mothers to initiate and continue ease.
  4. Carry out Health Education on environmental sanitation and prevalent Health Problems such as Malnutrition, Diarrhoea, Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) in the community.
  5. Develop a monthly plan with the approval of the supervising offices.
  6. Visit home and monitor pregnant women.
  7. Participate in the training of VVHWs/TBAs.
  8. Collect and collate health data for monitoring and evaluation of PHC activities in the community.
  9. Work with the supervisory officer and community members to plan solutions for identified health needs.
  10. Identify learning needs of VVHWs / TBAs.
  11. Generate simple, clear and precise information from community based data to serve as evidence for intervention.

Clinic Based Functions

  1. Register new clients.
  2. Weigh clients and record weights accurately.
  3. Carry out health talks on different health related topics as scheduled.
  4. Dress uncomplicated wounds according to established procedures.
  5. Sterilize equipment according to established procedures.
  6. Participate in collating data for monitoring and evaluation of PHC activity in the clinic.
  7. Update the clinic master card after community based functions.
  8. Perform any other duties assigned to him/her by supervising officer.
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